My work focuses on the overlaps of the relationship between inside and outside perception, modern culture and traditional culture lifestyle (on-offline). Including the way of practicing mindfulness way and nature living which flows back and forth with each other.


Sa·Was·Dee 33rd Part of body and the 8th Planet (2019): This project represent the relationship between generation gap of people in modern lifestyles which is involved by very new technology in their daily life by using the daily Sawasdee greeting images which related to the color of the each day from the belief of Thai present through painting process that use the conversion of happiness energy from the greeting into the canvas.


Beautiful Anger l (Siamese fighting fish) 2019: Project that combining of social media, politics and Buddhist philosophy which talk about the insults and anger of the people in the country (Power of angry) towards today's politics represent by the video installation of betta (national aquatic animal).


Body in Body (2019): Exploring the present eating culture which directly involved the online social network. Returning to question about present meaning and objective of eating which different from the past through photography work and gathering information from hashtags on social media.


2 Postcard and a cup of tea (2018): This project is asking for a status of places and contexts of temples in Chiang Mai Province where is now a tourist attraction city. Rediscovering the meaning of the area through tea making activities and writing postcards by using peacefulness hot temperature of tea and temple area to explore participant's own identity about the definition of temple and sharing.


identity 2019 (2019): The project aims to explore and finding the meaning of Buddhist art in Thailand. Trying to find new possibilities that can present contemporary art by using the Idea of meditation practice form The Forest Monk Tradition of Theravada Buddhism creates artwork. Focus on Earth elements one of four elements of Nature in Eastern belief and related relationships in terms of the growth of the human body.

Pannawat Muangmoon


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